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Eco Garden World offer a full and professional eco garden design service undertaking projects of all sizes from small courtyard gardens to country estates.

As long as your garden is created as well - balanced garden you safe a lot of energy, hard gardening work, time, money and you acquire a harmonic place for you and your family.

Benefits of an Eco Garden.

  • friendly to you - eco garden provides you an abundance of various organic vegetable, fruit, herbs and mushrooms, by growing your own organic produce you can be sure of exactly what is going into your, and your family’s bodies
  • friendly to the wildlife creatures – they love to live in eco garden, no chemicals harm them and all of these creatures are so important to keep the garden healthy
  • friendly to the kids- eco garden is interesting and fun for the kids and makes them want to participate and spend time in the garden, they love to grow and eat their own vegetable, step out of path is allowed, eco garden is a 100% safe place for kids ( no pesticides, herbicides)
  • friendly to the environment - no chemical fertilisers and pesticides, which harm environment, one of the greatest benefits of an eco garden is recycling, nothing within this garden is ever wasted
  • friendly to your health - being connected to nature has important benefits to our personal well being and mental health that should not be discounted, eco garden is a place for relaxation and meditation
  • friendly to your budget - no more expenses of chemical fertilisers, expensive garden tools…a lot of saved money for organic fruit and veggies

Are you interested? Would you like to enjoy all benefits of your own eco garden? Fell free to contact me.

Eco Garden World offers a complete service from an initial consultation right through the evolution of the design to the ultimate realisation of the project.


Recent projects

2013 - 2015

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